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Zeros to Heroes: 10 Unlikely Ideas That Changed the World

In writing the research paper, you need to know about the essential questions to ask yourself before and after the first draft.  You also need to know about integrated writing which we can provide. Doing this will help you to write a great research paper. Keep reading and learn about writing an accidental inventions research paper.

accidental inventions research paper

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Ideas That Changed the World:

  • The unconscious: The father of psychoanalysis who is Freud suggested that people’s behavior is not always ruled by their conscious thoughts or ruled by their best interests. Freud formed the ideas that people can be curious about themselves.
  • Relativity: There is a famous Albert Einstein equation, which is E=mc2. In here, it suggests that the amounts of mass can be converted to huge amounts of energy.
  • Vaccination: Vaccines are available for common illness. Some think that the origin of the vaccines was during 17th century in India.
  • Human rights: The famous human rights concepts are the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that reasserted the concept after World War II horrors.

Accidental Inventions Research Paper:

  • Batteries could pull carbon from the atmosphere
  • Quantum satellites: Big step towards unhackable internet
  • Fabric made from the battery materials cool the wearers

Research Paper Important Questions:


  • What topics did you choose for the research?
  • What do you know about your topic?
  • What do you want to know it?
  • Are there any disagreements you find in the sources?
  • What are the essential facts of the matter?

NOTE: These are only some of the questions you need to ask to yourself before you write your research paper.


  • Is your conclusion related to your introduction?
  • Do the ideas as well as paragraphs flow smoothly?
  • Are the references and ideas relevant?
  • Is your bibliography sufficient in number?
  • Are all the sources listed?

The Structure of Research Paper:

  • Topic: It must be one that challenges and interests you.
  • Find details: You can find information from online libraries, resources, journals and other publications.
  • Thesis: State your thesis and do some critical thinking before writing a thesis statement.
  • Create a tentative outline.
  • Organize your notes.
  • Write the first draft.
  • Revise the outline and draft.
  • Type the final paper.

There you have the things to know about a research paper. In writing, you need to consider the topic and the format to use, among other things.

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